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A completely new approach and new technique in the manufacture of freshly baked bakery and confectionery products. Delivery to your home or office. We deliver products to shops 3 times a day.
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The product core

For the product preparation, only environmentally-friendly raw materials are used, such as top-grade flour, honey, eggs, raisins, confectionery poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and flax seeds.

From these ingredients, we make shortcrust dough, puff pastry yeast dough, puff pastry yeast-free dough, and yeast pastry dough.

Our product’s main advantage is the use of only natural raw materials. The company Ardatovsky Baker produces “healthy bread.” This is achieved through the use of prolonged cold dough-making technology, and natural starters based on flour, and honey, apple jam.

What does the prolonged cold dough-making technology yield?

During the prolonged cold dough-making technology, the gluten swells, and an elastic, tender crumb is obtained, and, as a result, the product does not crumble. Advantage: the bread product yields all its vitamins and minerals, and has a rich taste and aroma.

Quality assurance

Safety comes first. All incoming raw materials undergo quality control according to the international certified system.

The certification provides for an annual audit of the food product safety system.

Our laboratory examines each batch of incoming raw materials for compliance with national standards. Our product quality is ensured by high-quality raw materials, ingredients, fresh natural products, and traditional Russian recipes.

The deep-frozen product baking technology

For baking deep-frozen products (semi-finished products), you must have a refrigerator (-15 °C), a proofing box (temperature of 30–40 °C, and air humidity of up to 80 %), any commercial oven.
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