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About us

Our bakery is engaged in exporting finished products and semi-finished products of deep freezing, wholesale. We ensure our product quality, since we strive to establish strong professional relations with our partners right now and for the long term. We take great responsibility for our products, which are carefully checked before shipping. We ensure compliance with environmental standards. We want you to be able to have the best food products on your menu.

The bakery, Ardatovsky Baker, was founded in April 1998. Currently, the company is a well-developed manufacturing complex consisting of 5 departments: choux pastry production, puff pastry production, cake production, bread production, and handmade confection production, and furnished with state-of-the-art equipment with the latest technology.

The product range includes more than 60 types of bakery products, and 30 confectionery products. Our highly qualified technologists (with European education), and production workers constantly improve their skills. Every month, the product line is updated for 3–5 items because of new types of confectionery product development.

Expanding the product range, we take into account our business partners’ wishes, and, of course, we study our consumers’ tastes.

We select the best recipes from different cultures and traditions of baking, combine them with innovative production technologies, and create our own unique taste. We consciously abandon food enhancers in favor of natural ingredients and bio-starters. Due to this, our bread is good for your health, and stays fresh for a long time.

The product core

For the product preparation, only environmentally-friendly raw materials are used, such as top-grade flour, honey, eggs, raisins, confectionery poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and flax seeds.

From these ingredients, we make shortcrust dough, puff pastry yeast dough, puff pastry yeast-free dough, and yeast pastry dough.

Our product’s main advantage is the use of only natural raw materials. The company Ardatovsky Baker produces “healthy bread.” This is achieved through the use of prolonged cold dough-making technology, and natural starters based on flour, and honey, apple jam.

What does the prolonged cold dough-making technology yield?

During the prolonged cold dough-making technology, the gluten swells, and an elastic, tender crumb is obtained, and, as a result, the product does not crumble. Advantage: the bread product yields all its vitamins and minerals, and has a rich taste and aroma.

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