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Product delivery

We offer our products for sale in any volume: from 1 box to a train car. We pay individual attention to each customer. We provide assistance and support during the transportation of our products.

Deep-frozen products are delivered by refrigerated trucks at temperature of -10 – -25 °C. Finished products are delivered at temperature of +15 – +21 °C.

Products and semi-finished products are delivered in thermal packaging, which preserves consumer qualities for a long shelf life.

Products are transported in boxes with capacity of 0.3–2 kg

The shelf life of finished and deep-frozen products is from 1–2 months.

Storage conditions

Finished products:

The products are stored in a ventilated room at temperature of 18(÷3) °C, relative humidity of at least 75 %. The product shelf life is 30–45 days.
To prolong the product freshness, substances allowed by normative documents are used.

Frozen products:

For the product storage, it is necessary to maintain the temperature range from -10 °C to -25 °C.

Payment for the order

The product cost is paid by transferring funds to the supplier’s settlement account. The schedules and period of payment are specified by the contract terms.

For partners:

To set up a partners network, you must have a commercial organization of any type.
We are ready to sell our products to large and medium-sized wholesale customers, large retail outlets, as well as to pack products in the partner’s packaging.
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